Lego Fantastic Four By Sheng Yuan

Lego Fantastic Four By Sheng Yuan. Use the site to keep track of your collection. Sheng yuan often copy parts of larger lego sets and package them separately.

My Brick Store Lego Fantastic Four by Sheng Yuan
My Brick Store Lego Fantastic Four by Sheng Yuan from

Fantastic four sy167 invisible woman fantastic four sy167 mr. The set concept features the fantasticar and 4 minifigures. Sheng yuan sy1461 #shengyuan #marvel #superheroes #herobloks cataloging superhero and pop culture lego and fego minifigures.

Lego Has Not Yet Made A Lego Fantasticar And It Could Be A Really Cool Lego Set.

It could tie into the present lego marvel theme if made. In some cases, you can assemble the complete original set by. Di jual per set isi 8 :

Sheng Yuan Lego Sy 167 Super Heroes Fantastic Four Sheng Yuan Lego Sy 258 Super Hero Galactus Dkk.

Fantastic fantastic four sy167 pyro fantastic four sy167 silver surfer. Lego kw koleksi kami dapat anda miliki dg menghubungi kami di : Transformers, dragonball z, lego movie, wrestling, ninjago, chima, ninja turtles, league of legends, lord of.

Penampakan Lego Spiderman Merek Sheng Yuan ( Sy ) Add Pin Kami Untuk Informasi Harga Dan Pembelian :

Wange police 51012 prisoner transporter (214 pcs). Sheng yuan sy288 fantastic four. But why no sets based on the comics?

2672B166 Atau Kunjungi Kami Langsung Di Mall Taman Palem, Lantai 2 Blok B.

This page covers the theme super heroes and similair subthemes of sheng yuan. Thing (red) super heroes fantastic four. Decool already made the fantastic four figures available in their classic blue outfits, and a couple of weeks back, we saw sets of the team in their future foundation whites.

Papoyz Lego Shop Menjual Berbagai Jenis Merek Lego ( Decool, Sheng Yuan, Bozhi, Lele, Sy, Iq Dll ) Add Pin Kami Untuk Inf.

Sms wa line 0878 7822 7757 pin 7da0b263. Minifigs and copies of various lego (and some ideas) ips. I'm okay with all the characters except mister fantastic in the white outfit.

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