Lavender Hidcote Lavender Vs Munstead

Lavender Hidcote Lavender Vs Munstead. The fragrant blooms make this our preferred pant for fresh arrangements and sachets. Like most of these 'english' lavenders, hidcote.

Lavandula Munstead Jackson & Perkins
Lavandula Munstead Jackson & Perkins from

Which is better munstead or hidcote lavender? This lavender is a shorter variety which produces stocky stems and thicker blooms. There are lots of different types of english lavender varieties but my two favorites are lavandula angustifolia 'munstead' and lavandula angustifolia 'hidcote.' munstead, named after munstead woods in england, the home of famous gardener gertrude jeckyl, is.

Is Not As Drought Or Heat Tolerant As The Lavandins.

Both types tend to reach about 24″ (60 cm) tall and both have dark purple flowers. Which is better munstead or hidcote lavender? I don’t think that either of them is too suitable for a hedge because of their compact size.

Munstead Lavender Is Commonly Compared To Hidcote Lavender.

Lavender ‘munstead’ copes with heat better than other english lavenders. Munstead flowers are somewhat ‘looser’ and lighter in color. Always wait until lavender plants begin to leaf out in the spring to assess winter damage and prune back.

English Lavenders Such As Hidcote And Munstead Are Better For Hedging Then Other Lavender Species Because… Hidcote And Munstead Lavender Have A Life Expectancy Of Up To 15 Years.

Like most of these 'english' lavenders, hidcote. Both cultivars are heirloom varieties bred in the uk, though munstead is thought to be several decades older than hidcote. Hidcote has dark purple flowers and munstead slightly lighter blue.

As A Result, Hidcote Is More Expressive, And Munstead Is More Voluminous In Terms Of Flowering.

The clusters of hidcote flowers are denser, which means that munstead flowerheads not so tight. Like 'hidcote', 'munstead' is known for its strong fragrance. Both hidcote and munstead are smallish in size.

It Blooms Earlier Than Other English Lavenders And, Unlike French Lavender, It Is Cold Hardy.

Some grow better in cooler climates than others. This variety of lavender has rich lavender flower spikes that fill the air with their sweet perfume all summer. Hidcote english lavender is famous for its dark purple flower.

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