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Learn More about tunnel. Post the Definition of tunnel to Facebook Share the Definition of tunnel on Twitter Time Traveler for tunnel The first known use of tunnel was in 1508. See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries near tunnel.
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to dig a tunnel.: The decision has not yet been made whether to tunnel under the river or build a bridge over it. The alternative is to tunnel a route through the mountain. He was trapped in a collapsed building but managed to tunnel his way out.
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The left tunnel with tracks is the short 1846 second Crown Street Tunnel, still used for shunting; next on the right partially hidden by undergrowth is the 2.03 km 1.26 mi 1829 disused Wapping Tunnel, to the right again hidden by undergrowth, is the original short disused 1829 Crown Street Tunnel.
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An ex-SAS agent and a thief battle for their lives as air runs out in a maze of abandoned mine tunnels while they're' searching for 200 million in stolen diamonds. Plot Summary Add Synopsis. diamond tunnel die hard scenario train independent film See All 5.
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Tunnel Korean: RR: Teoneol is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Choi Jin-hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min and Lee Yoo-young. 1 2 It replaced Voice and aired on cable network OCN on Saturdays and Sundays in the 2200: KST time slot from March 25 to May 21, 2017 for 16 episodes.
Teo-neol 2016 IMDb.
A MAN'S' DESPERATE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE Jung-su, an ordinary car dealer, is on his way home with a birthday cake for his daughter. As he drives into a tunnel an unbelievable thing happens; the tunnel collapses on him. Minutes later, he realizes that he is completely caught in between the debris.
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light at the end of the tunnel. Severn Tunnel Junction. tunnel boring machine. Further reading edit. tunnel on Wikipedia. Tunnel disambiguation on Wikipedia. Danish Wikipedia has an article on.: tunnel c definite singular tunnelen or tunnellen, indefinite plural tunneler or tunneller, definite plural tunnelerne or tunnellerne.

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